A Village of New Beginnings

Ok more world building.

First off I had to fiddle around a lot to find some nice buildings that weren’t too modern or too basic, that were, in fact, just right. And I think I did. The new buildings fit in nicely to Noobadventurer Town. Since this is a small “hamlet” it will only consist of 2 or 3 houses, a farm house with some corn (possibly chickens? Who knows..) and a small tavern with a room or two for wear travellers.

I will use the more modern and opulent buildings (behind in the featured image) but in the larger walled city on the hill (I really need some names for these places!).


Here is another style. A more white-washed plaster look and a different style of window. I can change the style of the thatch too but I just want to get the village basically laid out first.

I all looks a bit bare right now but i’ll populate it with general town junk soon and some weeds and flowers dotted about.

For those that are interested in that kind of thing, these buildings don’t even have their normal and specular maps in yet and they look pretty good already I think.

I have to keep tweaking various things I hate about my world editor as a I go which is slowing me down but eventually I’ll get to a point where it’s pretty user friendly.

Ok. Well, until next time…

Rockfaces and Animation Again (Unfortunately)

Well let’s give the bad news first: Something is still weird with animation. I though I could use my original skeleton’s (along with their animations) after I discovered a specific set of steps to go through to make animation work properly. But no…

It’s particularly annoying since it sort of works. My man can nod and move his legs fine but his arms just won’t move close into his side. Except in one animation test where they did perfectly.. but of course I can’t remember what exactly I did differently. After about 4 hours of this rage ensued so I had to do SOMETHING to make some decent progress. After all, I want to get on with making a game people can play no mess around with the main characters arms for weeks.

So I moved on to some nice rock models, getting them imported into the game and looking nice was a welcome break and they looked pretty good almost instantly. The interface for placing, scaling them etc is working great now too. Once I scatter some small plants and other debris around them (maybe even a little hazy mist) it’ll look pretty damn good.

Hopefully by the next post i’ll have animation weirdness solved once and for all. Maybe I should learn 3DS betterĀ since all I know how to use is Softimage which isn’t even supported anymore. I’m not even sure that would help though.

Until next time.