It’s amazing how a small problem has take most of your available time up.

There were 2 remaining problems stopping me getting on with making the NPC’s move and adding a monster or something to kill etc..

  • Animation
  • Mist/Fog vanishing from above

Now obviously without animated 3d models my game is completely useless. So this was the priority.

I did actually work on animation a little. Hence that you can see Mr Ranger is now replaced with a weird blockman (he nods, that’s about it). For some unfathomable reason I can’t get animation to work sensibly at all since moving to Monogame. XNA was pretty finicky about the the FBX structure so I’m sure i’ll get there in the end.

Most of the weekend was spent fiddling with ground fog/mist yet again. I just couldn’t leave it alone.. It has an annoying bug where it would almost vanish when looked at from above (since its just a billboard of a bit of fog). Using a technique call camera aligned billboarding I eventually got it to work just right. The image is of the ground fog/mist blended in with some billboarded lavender plants which looks pretty effective from any angle now.

Fixed up loads of minor stuff in my world editor and it’s nice to be able to place a bush or tweak the shadow offset on a wooden fence etc again.

Hopefully one of the helpful guys in the MonoGame community can help with the weird fbx animation bug

At least I can get on with making the game again. Kinda

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