After hitting endless annoyances and really slow compile times I finally thought “Right, that’s it” and decided it was time to finally completely ditch XNA and move completely to Monogame.

This hasn’t proved too bad so far: All the code compile and the shader’s did too after a few small tweaks. I need to figure out how to use my content importers for animated models and deferred models.

I haven’t actually run the game at all since making a clean new project and getting the latest version of Monogame. From what i’m reading there’s going to be some fun with shader semantics but at least there’s an active community to ask if I can’t figure it out.

I’m still working on a food stall to go with my weapon stall. Buying in random models isn’t ideal because it takes a lot of work sometimes to make them “Game Ready” despite being advertised as being “Game Ready”. ie the food model for some reason uses 12 separate texture files and about 30 meshes which is just lots of unnecessary texture switching and draw calls for my game. So it takes a lot of fiddling get that down to something more optimal. Really nice models though, far better than I can make myself.

My “model guy” from Upwork seems to have got bored with modelling so I guess i’ll need to find a new one which isn’t ideal.

This point had to come sooner or later if I ever wanted to get this game deployed to other platforms anyway and the 32bit memory limit was just becoming impossible to work with. Also I’ll be able to use dx11 stuff like displacement shaders and textures larger than 4096 should I wish to as well. Also the performance improvements will be nice too.

Hopefully by my next post i’ll have a screenshot using just Monogame with no hint of XNA remaining.

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