Sometimes you’re a victim of your own success. After spending a few week making my terrain able to support gently rolling hills along with giant mountains and deep valleys but be so huge you’d never realistically reach the edge of it I’ve managed to encounter a problem i didn’t foresee: getting lost in my own world.

I thought, ok I need to make the map feature now.  So here it is..


I’ve had to artifically boost the lighting a bit due to my sunset directional light. I guess I could change the directional light too but I like my sunset look. Anyway there’s the map top left. Unfortunately the small white dot in the middle is the player. Well sort of. Its a 4×4 white dot but 1 pixel represents 50m squared so not really THAT useful. To get the mud to line up with the first village was deeply annoying so I’m going to have to add a zoom feature. I maybe even allow the blend map of editing mud/grass/rock to be adjusted by clicking on the terrain. Yeah maybe I should do that..

Anyway my model guy is a bit busy so i’ve had to get some random medieval village models from CGTrader. I’ll replace them with higher quality versions where needed later but I just wanted to get on with making the game.

I have lots of private pages of notes that i’ve been coming up with the game designer too. For some reason we’ve focused on the crafting/gathering/hunting and exploring aspects so far but there’s a lot come up with. We’re not making the next Everquest/World of Warcraft so we’ll have to curb our enthusiasm somewhat to actually get it finished.

Anyway enough waffle from me. Getting make to Village 1 – great name for a village.

The featured image for this post is an aerial shot of where the player is standing. Just to give you an idea of just how huge this world is.

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