Wow that’s not much of a blog post title is it? Oh well.. I’ll do better next time.

Anyway it’s been a week of improving and tweaking things – a lot of time was lost due to an instancing bug which was making the grass disappear when viewed from above. Deeply annoying. It was solved with the help of the great guys at GameDev and the solution was a simple bug in the end. As you can see theres pebbles mixed in with the grass. So I should now be able to mix in different type of grass and small objects dotted about the terrain to give it a more realistic look. These objects won’t cast shadows at this stage. I could add that ability and maybe make that an optional performance setting but it will certainly hurt performance to have every pebble and blade of grass casting shadows. Looks nice enough without anyway. Large shrubs and rocks will of course cast shadows.

I may well need to do some boring refactoring work again soon because the whole game engine is growing like a beast again.

As you can see there’s the beginnings of a medieval settlement starting to appear. I now how a great guy from America doing the actual 3d modelling for the generic things I can’t buy in.

I’m hoping to have a medieval settlement (well the walls of one) up and running very soon.


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