Man getting grass to look half decent and not completely kill your frame rate AND still be visible at a distance is a pain in the rear.

I’m fairly happy with the results although from above it doesn’t look at “clumpy”. Also i’m not very happy with how it blends into the terrain itself.

Anyway that aside it looks pretty good.

The engine has a nice editor for spraying instanced geometry all over the terrain in an isometric camera now too.

Hopefully i’ll stop fiddling with grass and move on to rocks and then add some buildings or something soon.

Who knows. Maybe i’ll spend another 6 weeks fiddling with getting the grass perfect. Does anyone really care about how amazing the grass looks? It looks pretty poor in No Man’s Sky (just basic billboarding with the odd weird rock thrown in) but I still love that game.

Anyway enough waffle from me for now.


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